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Helping you get more customers
We search and research your market and prospects - an essential activity if you are going to successfully increase your prospect database.

We set up your Database, then develop, manage and analyse the information we gain on your behalf from our prospecting and marketing activities.

We design and deliver your content marketing messages through your preferred medium such as Email distribution, Newsletters, Blogs and Social Networks, content marketing is a hugely successful means of reaching and nurturing your future and current customers. We can work to maximise your social media connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other Social Media Networks. We phone your prospects where appropriate. We do not do cold Tele Sales due to the undesirable reputation it has acquired over the years, but we do communicate in a friendly and acceptable manner with existing and prospective customers where it is appropriate to do so. Everything we do is to help you to get through the door of your new customers and nurture your existing ones to gain more business.
“ We set up and manage your prospect and sales opportunity database and use the results from your marketing activity to update the content information and keep up to date with contact and company changes. This information is also used to segment the database to maximise success from you marketing activity.”
The Sales Cycle
From Zero to Sale - any part or all of that process is where we fit in. We use current techniques, technology and methodology to maximise the return on your investment. We use a successful combination of ecommunication, emarketing, new business prospecting, sales expertise, and social media services in an inspiring package put together with a professional, prospect friendly approach.